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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our 2014 Dining and Sitting Rooms ...

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One week away from Christmas ... wow!  Where has this season gone?  Before the holiday is over, I wanted to share a little more of our seasonal home.

I haven't shown you our new dining room yet since we moved in a few months ago.  It's very similar in layout to our old dining room ... 

In "this" dining room, we decided to go a tad bit darker on the walls and had it painted Sherwin Williams' "Perfect Greige."  We love the color and how well the white shelves and pieces pop against it!  We plan on adding shadowbox molding in the New Year.

Thankfully our fragile antique sideboard didn't get "injured" in the move!  

I placed the big brother of the reindeer on our great room mantel in here ...

and kept it simple with just a few mercury pieces.

I brought our mirrored chest (that used to be in the bedroom in our old house) in here and, instead of decorating a full-sized tree, we went with a smaller 4ft instead ...

and dressed it in ornaments mainly silver and gold:

Our silver and white dinnerware is from Home Goods: 

I brought out our mirror again this year and used it as the base for our centerpiece.

Love the afternoon sunlight streaming in ...

Now, let's walk on over to the sitting room:

Since this room was already done in a brown, blue and cream palette, I kept the tree in the same theme, but added pops of gold and silver, as well:

I kept our bookcase pretty simple by adding just a hint of holiday greenery and embellishments:

A few more splashes of the season made their way to this side, as well:

Next year, I just might have to make this more of a "coastal" tree!

Cute, reindeer pillows from Hobby Lobby:

Another snap of the afternoon sun ...

Time to go wrap a few presents!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Kitchen ...

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Greetings, friends!

You know those books that don't have any words ... where you make up your own story as you go along?

Well, let's just pretend that this post is one of those books ... I'm going to inundate you with pictures (lots and LOTS) of our Christmas kitchen and sunroom and let you fill in the story as you take a peek!

And, there you have it ... our holiday kitchen and sunroom.  I just hope that the remaining days until Christmas go by slowly!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

The Nester for her Christmas Tour of Homes party.

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