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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Be Gone!

That's right, friends ... even though it's cold and still feeling like winter OUTside ... according to our mantel ... the warmer temps have arrived ... the bunnies are hopping ... the *faux* florals are blooming ... annnnnd, the fake eggs are out in full force!  

I'm hoping maybe ... just MAYbe ... that these Spring touches I've added will grab Mother Nature's attention and encourage her to move the season along!

I mean, after all ... our pretty, faux plants from IKEA should help scare the cold temps away, right?!

And, this sweet "bunny in a basket" ornament and faux flowers from Michael's should make old man winter go into hiding! 

And, naturally, these seasonal pastel malted milk balls will entice Spring to come closer, right?!

Look ... even our little bunnies have had enough by showing that they "shalt" not "hear, see or speak" of winter ANY more!

If that still doesn't send winter away, hopefully, our egg wreath (from Home Goods) will help to do the trick!

If not, our banner (from Target) announcing SPRING will certainly let Mother Nature know that enough is enough!

I say that we all join forces by pulling out our eggs, bunnies, florals and anything SPRING to help make winter disappear(!)... whaddaya think?  No way will it want to stick around if we all ban together!  I'll be eagerly waiting to see all that you do!

Until then, I'll just stare at our mantel a bit longer and see what happens!  LOL

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Impromptu Project

Have you ever been sitting at your dining room table when, all of a sudden, you look over at your front door and decide that it needs to be painted right then and there?

If so, that sounds like my house yesterday!

I've walked by ... opened ... cleaned, this same front door for almost 7 years.  *Never* have I thought about painting it anything other than white.  But, for some strange reason ... that changed a few days ago.  This is what our door looked like at 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning (sorry for the poor picture quality ... I could not seem to get ride of the shadows around the windows),

And, THIS is what it looked like at 10:20 a.m.!  LOL.  I just happened to have a can of black paint on hand ... and, well, our door got a new look!  

I love the difference!  And, now, it matches the outside of the door, as well!

I love impromptu projects like that, don't you?

Speaking of projects ... here's something else I'm working on, which includes this beautiful fabric, which I hope will unite our dining and sitting rooms!

I'll share the finished results soon!

Thanks for stopping by ... Happy Week!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Feature at Worthing Court

Happy Friday, sweet friends!
While I'm going crazy in our home this weekend, taking down Valentine's and adding in Spring/Easter decor, the sweet and talented Suzy is featuring our humble abode over on her wonderful blog, Worthing Court.
I'd love for you to come visit if you have a moment ... just click HERE!

Thanks a bunch and have a fabulous weekend!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Because My Dad Said So!

Meet my dad, Sam ... devoted husband to my sweet and beautiful Mama ... retired dentist ... golf enthusiast ... and, now, apparently, decorator extraordinaire.

For the past few years, whenever Dad has come over ... more often than not, he would look up at our dining room ceiling and say, in his deep southern, instructional voice, "Becca, *when* are you gonna paint that ceiling(?)," OR "you *need* to paint that ceiling ... it's too dark and brings your room down," OR "I see you *still* haven't painted that ceiling!"  Time after time, I've humbly answered (as I'd roll my eyes and nod my head) "I know ... I know, Dad."

Well, this 43 year old gal finally listened!

Before (from last Fall):

AFTER: (Sorry that I'm only showing a snippet for now ... will share more once I replace our ceiling medallion!)

Admittedly, Dad was right!  A lighter ceiling (BM's Maritime White) IS better in here!  I never realized what an effect the gold, metallic ceiling had on the Manchester Tan walls, and how it would cast the darker color down onto the walls.  It seems brighter now ...

In fact, Mr. Roo just might break out in song!

I'm pretty sure that our *faux* orchid has even started to grow:

And, because I just KNOW that Dad is going to want to bring his friends over and show them the influence he has, I added extra seating by bringing in slip covered parsons chairs (that were in our bedroom) to the heads of the table:

Thanks, Dad, for the suggestion (or was that an order) ... I *finally* did as I was told!

Thankfully, Dad approves of the new ceiling and will now enjoy saying "Aren't you glad you *finally* painted that ceiling(?)" over ... and, over again!  And, admittedly, I wonder what he's going to say I need to do next!  LOL

By the way, if you need someone to tell it like it is (or give you advice or instruction that you didn't realize you wanted or needed), I'm sure "Sammie" will be happy to zip on over in my (I mean, HIS) Corvette and share his thoughts!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Domino Effect

Isn't it funny how one little purchase can catapult you into a full blown decorating frenzy?  When we bought this secretary (which I transformed from Mahogany stained secretary to "Pure White" - transformation here) ...

(to which I then just added a coat of "Duck Egg" on the back of the inside), I never realized that that little purchase would cause me to go into ADD (Attention *Decorating* Disorder) overload!

You see, because of where we placed the new secretary, that meant I had to find a new home for the buffet that had lived there for a few years.  Glancing around, the only logical place to put it seemed to be in the alcove beside our fireplace.

Once we placed it there, my husband then decided that we needed a larger TV to balance better with the newly added buffet (LOL ... love how he actually tried to use that for his argument).  Actually, we had been planning on replacing it, anyway.

But, because of the new TV, I thought it'd be nice to have more seating in here  ... so, in came the love seat from the sitting room:

Of course, a few pillows *had* to be added:

And, then, as I was sitting at our breakfast table, peering into the great room with its new arrangement, I thought to myself "if only there were enough room to add a sofa table behind the sofa.  I've always wanted to try that, but just never have ... that was, until now!

I grabbed the table that I had recently added to the sitting room and placed it in its new spot.  I then added a basket underneath, which serves as a great place to hide the *not-so-pretty* woofer to the TV's surround bar system:

I kept one of the accent chairs in here ... brought the blue lamp back in (the beautiful lamp my Mom bought me is now in the office) and added another garden seat (from TJMaxx):

This sweet pillow from Home Goods was a fun, inexpensive addition, too!

While I wish our great room was a bit wider, I'm enjoying the cozy feel that this new *decorating frenzy* arrangement brings:

What decorating frenzies have been going on in your house, lately?!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Monday, February 4, 2013

*Bare* Can be Good!

As much as I love bringing new life to an older piece, sometimes it's fun to bring life to a brand new *bare* piece!

For awhile, I've wanted to retire our two wrought iron barstools from our breakfast bar and add four matching wood ones in their place but, the ones I found were either the wrong style or too expensive.  It was then that I remembered a sweet reader of mine mentioning "Bear Naked Furniture," an online store that sells unassembled, bare furniture for an extremely reasonable price!

Here are two of the barstools being introduced to Annie Sloane's Pure White:

After the "Pure White" dried, I then decided to add "Chateaux Grey" so that they would tie in with our island and dry bar (which are painted the same color).  And, then, out came my paint pen and sanding blocks:

My sweet hubby then mounted the rush seats:

And, voila!

I love, LOVE having four stools here now and thank our friends for breaking them in last night at our Superbowl gathering!

Did I mention that chairs weren't the only thing I ordered?  I'm *almost* done with my other purchase and hope to share it soon!

What about you?  Have you ever purchased bare furniture?

Thanks so much for stopping by,

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